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Why an Affiliate Program Can Help You to Sell More

July 14, 2013

You’ve found yourself riding the wave of a successful business. Your marketing is catching plenty of attention, your products and services are getting snapped up left and right, and you find yourself struggling to keep up. When you’re spread in too many directions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. One secret to success in business is learning where and how to delegate. Reseller and affiliate programs allow you to delegate part of your marketing to individuals and companies who can focus solely on pushing traffic to you. The way a reseller or affiliate program works is simple. An affiliate markets your product through a variety of manners, and they receive a percentage of the sale or a flat rate, depending on the payment structure. While it might seem like giving up a part of your profit to an affiliate is not the most profitable idea in mind, you have to understand exactly what an affiliate brings to the table.

New traffic sources

If an affiliate has been at this game for awhile, they’re bringing their own traffic sources with them. These are traffic sources that you might not have known about or been willing to pay the advertising costs for. An affiliate or reseller allows you to expand your reach. You also build brand loyalty and recognition as the affiliates spread you around.

Nearly effort free leads

You can spend a lot of time on an affiliate program, creating advertising materials, working one-on-one with affiliates, and investing in an expensive tracking system for affiliate traffic. However, if you aren’t sure that your affiliate program is going to take off, it’s better to not spend a lot of time with it at first. Give your affiliates a basic toolkit, which may be automatically generated by the software. The affiliates generate leads and sales for you, without a great deal of personal effort on your part. If the program takes off, you can always hire an affiliate manager to handle things.

Market Research

Market research brings you valuable information about the business, your product line, and the customer demographic that you sell to. You get a lot of data from the traffic that affiliates send, which can be used to determine who is most likely to buy products from your business. The more customer information you legally gather, the more focused your marketing efforts end up being. You can tighten your demographic and learn exactly what it is that they want, or realize that your core business demographic is completely different from what you assumed.

Transfer of marketing risk

When you’re dealing with a large company, you can’t try out an edgy new marketing campaign just because you have a hunch that it’s going to work out well. Your affiliates, on the other hand, usually only work for themselves or a small company. If they want to try an unusual marketing technique, they don’t have to worry about getting board approval. You’re well within your rights to pass along marketing campaigns that you would like to try, but are unable to. The affiliate uses this information to craft a custom marketing campaign for your product line.
Major Affiliate Networks to Consider

If you’re on the fence about creating an affiliate program for your products or services, knowing all of the benefits to running a program tips you over the edge. Qualified leads and sales are hard to pass up.


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