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Non-Ebay Places to Sell Your Products

May 1, 2013

When you want to sell items online, eBay may be the first place you think of. And as an enormous and well-known ecommerce site, it should be. However, there are plenty of other sites that are bustling online marketplaces. Most of them don’t have the same enormous reach as eBay, but sometimes their smaller, niche customer base means that those who go to the site are looking for exactly what you sell. Depending on what you sell, one of these sites may help you to find your customer base better than the auction giant.
Owned by eBay, it may share a parent company, but it doesn’t share a marketplace concept. Rather than being a free-for-all of items of every type like eBay, is strictly for media items. If you have CDs, books or movies, this site is simple to work with. There are no listing fees, and the commission is one flat rate of 15 percent no matter what the price of the items you sell. And, the listings never expire. There are no membership fees, and the payments are made directly from the site to your bank account twice a month.
Everyone knows that Amazon is an easy place to find and buy whatever you need, but many don’t think about selling there. But like eBay, the customer base is enormous. The enormous traffic volume often means quick sales even for sellers without a feedback rating. And, listings are free. Like, Amazon takes a 15 percent commission on each sale. There is also a .99 fee on each sale if you don’t have a $39.95 monthly membership. For high-volume sellers, it’s a good deal that leads to fast, plentiful sales to a ready-made customer base. The money is deposited directly into your bank account, and you can get a deposit as often as once every 24 hours on weekdays.
Almost as old as eBay, eBid has a similar structure but a very different set of fees. Many sellers who were fed up with the escalating costs of doing business on eBay have fled to eBid over the years because there are no listing fees whatsoever. There are only small final value fees, and even that can be waived by upgrading your account with a monthly fee. And unlike eBay, it allows for several different forms of electronic payment. Sellers who don’t want to use PayPal can use the site and receive payments through Skrill, Google Checkout or
If what you sell is handmade or otherwise one of a kind, Etsy is one of the best marketplaces online. It may even surpass eBay for the number of customers who visit the site looking for handmade items. If your product is mass produced, your items aren’t welcome; but if you sew, paint, knit or otherwise create, this is a fast and lively marketplace that can lead to a large following for your items. The product listings on Etsy are fixed price, and each listing costs $0.20. The final value fees are a flat 3.5 percent no matter what the item’s price.
Silkfair is an ecommerce site that allows for free listings in each buyer’s own free Silkfair store. The only cost is a flat 3 percent final value fee. Both handmade and mass-produced items are common on the site. In addition to pictures, sellers can also integrate video of their product for a better buyer experience. Upgraded accounts include integrated Google Analytics and other features for a monthly fee. The site allows for PayPal payments as well as Google Checkout. It has a direct import feature to bring inventory items from eBay, Etsy and Amazon into your Silkfair store.
Bootic is a free online marketplace that allows merchants to set up their own free storefronts through the site. But unlike other free marketplaces, this one allows buyers to edit the listings. They can change the product descriptions to give other buyers a more complete picture of what is being sold. There are no final value fees on any sales.

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