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Owl’s Cheat Sheet 4: 25 Excellent Free Icon Sets for Your Website

October 8, 2012

There are countless icon packs available online for you to use to add a bit of visual flair to your own website. Not only are these icon sets attractive, easy to install and available in many colors and styles, but they are completely free! After flying all over the internet, I’ve filled The Owl’s Nest with my top 25 favorite and most helpful icon sets for your ecommerce website. Enjoy!

Childish – A collection of 60 stylistically exaggerated icons for websites with a friendly atmosphere.

KaChing – Series of 24 essential ecommerce themed icons.

Siena – Massive group of 200 icons to cover a wide range of common website basics. Each icon is available in greyscale, red, blue, green and yellow color variants.

Simply Icons – Here’s a minimalistic white series of 50 icons that are best suited for dark-themed websites.

Free 200 Inventicons – Inventicons created a special run of 200 free silvery icons to introduce users to the huge variety of icons that their creative team produces on a regular basis.

90 Free Vector Icons – An excellent resource to keep a consistent visual theme with icons of different sizes.

Bluetron – 40 PC themed icons with a uniform cerulean coloring.

Eco Vector Logo Elements – Series of six green icons for environmentally conscious ecommerce brands.

Ultimate Social Icon Set – 75 icons fashioned after a host of social media websites. Available in three sizes.

Media Icons – A bright orange set of 12 communication themed icons to encourage interaction with your website’s visitors.

Media Icons

Media Icons Set

IconShock’s Metal Icons – A heavy metal series of icons that will fit in with any metallic and silvery website.

Apple and Chrome Store Buttons – Two pairs of orange and blue icon buttons to link to your digital products.

Social Media Icon Pack – A bunch of shiny, circular buttons used to direct visitors to your social media pages.

Checkout Process Icons – Six helpful icons to visually lead your customers through course of their purchase.

Simpltio – 24 colorful and minimalistic social media icons in both PSD and PDF formats.

Silver Social Media Icons – Here’s 18 shiny platinum colored metallic button icons for your website.

Credit Cards Icon Set – Six shiny credit card icons that instantly tell users which payment types your ecommerce website accepts.

Starry Site – A stellar series of 16 star-shaped social media icons. Great for Christmastime, space-themes or generally adorable websites!

Shop Cart Icons – Five shopping cart icons to show customers the current status of their online cart with a glance.

High Detail Social Icons – This is a beautiful collection of large, polished and large social media icons that look great wherever they are used.

Socialize Icons – Here are 12 cute sticker-like icon buttons for the most popular social media websites.

Black and White Social Icons – 14 simple, greyscale social media icons.

Love RSS Icons – Sweeten your RSS feed link with one of three pink heart-shaped icons.

Social Post Stamps – 13 stamp themed social media link icons in one compact package.

The Leaves Fall

The Leaves Fall Icon Set

The Leaves Fall – An autumn themed set of social media network buttons shaped after freshly fallen leaves.

Leaves, stars and stickers are nice, but until someone creates a series of icons featuring everyone’s favorite Owl, you’ll have to settle for these designs! Do you have a favorite icon set? Let us know in the comments below!

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