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Owl’s Cheat Sheet 3: Top 30 WordPress Premium Themes for Your Storefront

October 4, 2012

WordPress Themes

With so much great stuff out there, it’s hard to pick a favorite!

If you are planning on hosting a blog for your business, we wholeheartedly approve of WordPress due to its adaptability, usability and reliability. On the other hand, there is no reason why your exceptional online branding should be shoehorned onto a generic theme that many bloggers see everyday while browsing the web. We’ve collected this list of 30 premium themes to ensure that your storefront’s WordPress page stands out from the crowd, while providing everything your website needs to thrive.

Catch-All Themes:

Titan – This striking WordPress theme is used for The Owl’s Nest. Nice stuff, if you ask us!

View – Here is a minimalistic theme that was designed to adapt to mobile devices. View makes it easy to host video and image galleries as well as a variety of widgets.

Apogee – This theme offers online businesses plenty opportunity to be creative with their WordPress website. Reskinning the theme with your brand, organizing your content and displaying images that you want your users to see becomes a snap with Apogee.

Pixem – A clean and colorful blog theme that is well suited for online innovators and carefree brands.

Powered – A great solution for a brand looking for a structured and sterile environment to display their branding. Plenty of features to fully integrate your company’s colors, social media and more into the theme.

Themes to Showcase Pretty Pictures:

Atlas – Serves as an excellent gallery-themed blog that automatically displays a full screen slideshow of your uploaded images and videos.

King Size – Provides a series of customizable tabs leading users to your brand’s gallery of images and videos, as well as a homepage that is guaranteed to leave a positive impression on your viewers.

Exposure – This photography-based theme is an excellent way to display photos. Features include 27 transitions between images, a full screen slideshow and a beautiful black and white color scheme.

Anan – Impress viewers with your brand’s artwork in a BIG way with the Anan theme: Its navigation bar stays out of the way until users want to see more of your site, leaving more room for your homepage slideshow.

Galleria – A gallery with plenty of customizability options, so the Galleria theme can show off your company’s branding. Offers an appealing gallery for photos and is easily adapted to your needs with widgets and social media tools.

Clean & Simple Themes:

Min – Straightforward black and white colored blog for you to place the reader’s focus exactly where you need it to be.

Personality – A simple theme to highlight your brand’s information and accomplishments in two color schemes: Light and Dark.

Minimalisto – Another stylishly simple theme with Light and Dark options.

Minimalisto WordPress Theme


Timeless – Clean cut, basic and themed around the Helvetica font, with the ability add as much additional visual content as you desire.

Avett – Stylish grey and rectangular theme that fantastic for hosting a portfolio of images.

Blog & Ecommerce Combo Website Themes:

WP FlexiShop – Several integrated product-displaying sliders, a cart for shoppers and widgets for all of your social media marketing needs make this theme an excellent WordPress storefront.

The Clothes Shop – Sell your brand’s real-world or downloadable goods with this theme that covers everything from gift card code inputs and tax configuration to providing a giftwrapping option.

RGBStore – Choose your favorite color, (Red, Green or Blue), and start selling right out of the gate with this uncomplicated seller’s theme.

Clean Cut – A spiffy presentation that combines the sophistication of a homepage with the function of an online shop.

Kids Toys – An adorable theme that is well suited for selling children’s playthings.

Visually Interesting Themes:

Craftwork – An eclectic mix of textures and designs that is perfect for brands specializing in handmade goods.

Cloude – A nice choice for companies with blue, white and upbeat branding. Easily personalized to display widgets, social media buttons and/or ads.

Claudia – A contemporary theme that contrasts a clean silvery sleek area to host your content against a wooden backdrop.

City Journal – Cute metropolis WordPress theme that combines natural flowery beauty with the grittiness of an urban jungle.

Metalo – Heavy metal theme that would complement any business associated with construction, industry or rock music.

Perfectly Portable Mobile Themes:

HandHeld – When readers visit your WordPress blog on a mobile device, they are automatically transferred to this highly customizable theme. Compatible with all major mobile operating systems.

Obox Mobile – With three visually neutral themes, the ability to customize the theme with your branding, and a seamless transfer of your blog’s content to smartphones and other devices, Obox Mobile is a simple way to send your WordPress reach to mobile devices.

Hybrido – For a clean look with nine color schemes and options for a wide range of widgets, Hybrido is a nice choice for blogs with a heavy emphasis on visual content.

Simple Mobile – Highly adaptable theme that is at home on mobile devices and PC displays. Since it is optimized for 43 different social media websites, eight color options and easily integrated with Twitter, Flickr and GoogleAnalytics, it is a great choice for users with a serious social media marketing strategy.

Good Minimal – A fitting name for this clean, simple and quick-loading theme that adapts to various sizes and resolutions for a variety of mobile devices with wide screens.

Good Minimal

Good Minimal

Remember that choosing a WordPress theme that best suits your ecommerce brand easily improves the viewing experience for your fans. We hope that we found your new favorite theme!

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