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Is Pinterest Worth my Brand’s Time? An Advanced Guide for Pinterest Marketing

October 1, 2012
Pinterest worth getting

There’s always something exciting to see on Pinterest!

Sure, we’ve covered the basics of what Pinterest is, how to use it and how the photo sharing social media website can drive photography fans to your Storefront, but is this up-and-comer worth YOUR brand’s time? How can I make Pinterest a central part of my online efforts? What else can I do with Pinterest to grow my audience? To answer those common questions along with plenty of other useful hints and tips, here is out advanced marketing guide for online shops using Pinterest.

Is your intended audience likely to use Pinterest in the first place? The average Pinterest user is female, 25-44 years old and it should be noted that 97% of Pinterest’s Facebook Likes are from female users. Half of Pinterest’s users are parents and most do well for themselves financially. Consider the people who frequent Pinterest, the products that you sell and the content that you could provide. For example, an online business selling designer toddler clothes or exotic foodstuffs is much more likely to use and benefit from incorporating Pinterest than one specializing in mature rated videogames or replacement truck parts.

There is an infinite amount of incredible things to find and buy online, but are my products dazzling enough to share on Pinterest? Merging Pinterest into your current social media strategies will be so much easier if your product shots are already impressive. That’s another reason why clothing, food and art related products and retailers do well on Pinterest- These items are naturally photogenic!

Is your brand cool enough for a cult Pinterest following?The most popular Pinterest boards shows that hip, friendly, lighthearted and youthful brands have more active followers. Some of the trendiest big name Pinterest brands include West Elm, HGTV and Whole Foods.

Target Pinterest Audience

Did you know that Bootic shares tons of great stuff through Pinterest too?

Can you target certain consumer bases with Pinterest? Yes, but within certain boundaries. Pinterest has a much smaller audience than Facebook and Twitter, but Pinterest users often browse the website for an average of 16 minutes per login! If the content that you display on your board is interesting to the user, they are likely to absorb it like a sponge, while repining all of their favorite images along the way. Stick to your Storefront’s niche, provide the best content that you can deliver and Pinterest users who will appreciate your Storefront’s boards will take notice.

Your brand and products would be a great fit for Pinterest, but is it really worth the time? YES! While Pinterest has a smaller base than the social media juggernauts, it was the first individual website to pass the 10 million unique monthly visitor mark. Not only is Pinterest an excellent way to build a fan base, but an active Pinterest account serves as an excellent SEO booster for people to discover you through search engines. It’s no fluke, Pinterest continues to bring in new fans from America and Europe each month and there’s no sign that this social media innovator will slow down anytime soon.

With so many appealing pinboards out there, how can you stand out from the crowd? Pinterest is for the greatest and most visually appealing photography and images on the internet, and if you want your online branding to become Pinterest royalty, you’ll have to do the same. However, you can keep things interesting by creating a board exclusively for interesting videos, optimizing your content with #hashtags, interacting with other users, adding links to your content leading outside of Pinterest, hosting contests, creating a pinboard for your fans and by displaying your brand’s lively and fun side to your new fans.

Pinterest ecommerce branding

Photo enthusiasts will swarm to see your Pinterest boards!

How do you get people interested in your company’s Pinterest activity? Pin remarkable images and related information to your Pinterest board, interact with commenters, fill out your brand’s profile with its logo on Pinterest, install “Pin It” buttons on your Storefront, and be sure to link Pinterest to Facebook, Twitter as well as your Storefront’s homepage.

And stick a Pin in this guide, it’s done!

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