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Owl’s Cheat Sheet 2: The Ultimate Stock Image Guide

September 27, 2012

With so many quality stock image websites available, it’s easy to choose exactly what I need!

We know it takes plenty of hard work and dedication to maintain a thriving online Storefront, ranging from advertising, uploading products, updating various social media websites and creating brand new content to keep fans informed and entertained. The last thing that you need to worry about after shipping orders, replying to emails from customers and planning your brand’s latest Twitter strategy is to blindly search for the perfect image to complement your latest blog post. Here’s our top 30 stock photography and image websites to make grabbing that one special image to drive your point home a piece of cake. Enjoy the pretty pictures!

deviantART: Search through millions of portfolios from illustrators, photographers and painters in this massive social media website to find one-of-a-kind images. Ask for permission to showcase images on your own website or commission an artist to make something unique for you.

Depositphotos: Register an account, and you’ll have access to a huge catalog of royalty-free images. Its payment plan is flexible, depending on the size and quality of the images you want to buy.

Microsoft Office Images: Completely free listing of photos, images and clip art from Microsoft’s Office series of products.

Microsoft Office Images

When the internet gives you lemons, find what you need at Microsoft Office.

iStockphoto: Hosts plenty of high-quality photos and illustrations for countless situations as well as an archive of video and audio clips.

Shutterstock: Best for power users who need plenty of high-end content at bulk prices, Shutterstock might be a bit pricy for Storefronts with lower budgets.

Fotosearch: With well over 12 million images and 14 years of experience, Fotosearch’s collection of decently priced images is worth a look.

Big Stock Photo: Nicely stocked gallery full of affordably priced vector illustrations and professional photography.

Acclaim Images: If you’re looking to obtain extremely high quality images from top photographers for an advertising campaign or publication, look into Acclaim’s directory of images.

123RF: Featuring a nice balance of priced and totally free stock images, there is something for everyone here. Check back often, as 123RF releases free artwork on a regular basis.

Dreamstime: An enormously huge selection of images, in just about every situation that you could ask for. Modestly priced, too!

Stockvault: Decently sized gallery of free medium to high quality images for non-commercial usage.

Freerange Stock: A nice selection of free images for registered users and directs searchers to Shutterstock for additional low cost pictures.

EveryStockPhoto: A collection of millions of free photographs and illustrations from all over the internet. Each image will have its own licensing terms, so be sure to pay attention before using one!

Free Photos Bank: A fair amount of varied free images here, with a handy link to Dreamstime for additional images related to your search.

ShutterPoint: Hosts a large selection of commercial-use photographs at decent prices; a great resource for advertising needs.


Discover a wild range of great pictures at FreeDigitalPhotos. here is a wonderful resource if you simply need a small sized image. However, you’ll have to pay for larger sized images.

fotolia: Featuring several payment plans as well as over 18 million photos, illustrations and vector art, fotolia is adaptable for a broad range of users.

Photographers Direct: With over 2 million photographs from photographers worldwide and the ability to hire one of their photographers for your projects, it’s easy to discover photos that no one else has ever seen before.

Alamy: A good balance of traditional and creative photography from millions of photos for a wide range of commercial uses.

Jupiterimages: Millions of images available here, along with buyable CDs full of stock photography from their parent company, Getty Images.

CanStockPhoto: Great resource for images available in a variety of formats at dirt cheap prices.

Corbis Images: There are loads of top-notch photography and vector illustrations from a huge talent pool of contributors.

Thinkstock: A search engine that pulls results from several of the other websites listed here. A good tool to look through many stock image websites quickly.

Aerial Stock Photography: Sure, this one is a bit specialized, but if you need aerial images of nearly any kind of landmark or environment, this is your one-stop shop.

Flickr: There are countless images to choose from that have been uploaded to this popular photography website, but be sure to ask permission from the owner of any images that you wish to use!

OpenPhoto: A catalog of free images, but each individual image has its own usage rights.

Stock.xchng: A nice resource of over 350,000 free images.


It’s easy to pick out a gem of an image at Stockvault!

Stockvault: Although there are over 33 thousand free images here, most are available for non-commercial use. Over 15,000 absolutely free images to use as you need.

TurboPhoto: Here’s an archive of more than 2,000 free public domain photographs.

Whatever you need an image of, we’re sure that this list will help you to find exactly what you were hoping for with lightning speed. Now the real question is whether you put the time you saved back into your business, or into a well-deserved break…

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