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Owl’s Cheat Sheet 1: Making the Most of Social Media Websites

September 17, 2012

Owl's Cheat Sheet 1

Make your social media marketing more efficient with Owl’s first Cheat Sheet!

There are so many interesting, innovative and genuinely unique social media websites out there, that is can be difficult for newcomers to the world of ecommerce to cherry pick which ones to advertise, communicate, and create communities through. Not to mention learning how to effectively accomplish all of that! To cut through the clutter, here’s a listing of the ten best websites, networks and powerful resources available for laser-guided marketing assistance for your Storefront. Here’s hoping that this listing will point you in the right direction so you can save time, effort and money by picking what are the best ways to thrust your online brand into the internet’s limelight.

Social Media Tools

HootSuite: Use to command Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Myspace, WordPress and other accounts from a single dashboard. (Being Owl themed is a plus in our book!)

TweetDeck: Owned by Twitter itself, TweetDeck is a hub designed to effectively manage a Storefront’s Twitter and Facebook pages from a single browser page.

NutshellMail: Aggregates activity from Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and your other social media portals and sends you an interactive email on a customizable timed schedule.

Sprout Social: Builds reports of detailed analytics, allows you to update multiple social media websites at once, provides tools to locate potential followers with similar interests and more.

IFTTT: Highly customizable tool that allows certain actions to be performed automatically under specific conditions for more than 49 difference social media portals. Blogging tool that is used to automatically deliver your published content to a range of your brand’s social media websites.

Social Media Tools

And we blog about it.

OnlyWire: Provides a highly adaptable social media control hub that allows marketers dedicated to their social media campaigns to update, monitor and track over 44 different platforms at once.

Viralheat: Control panel used to target a specific group of followers and to track marketing stats.

360i’s Social Media Playbook: A free and detailed e-book designed to help marketers to find and develop their own “Game-Winning Strategy” for marketing their brand.

Top 12 Rules of Social Media Etiquette (Business Know How): Consider this list the “12 Commandments” of essential social media posting rules.

Social Mention: Real-time social media search and analysis that pulls content from all corners of the internet with detailed information.

SamePoint: Use to track social media mentions and other data in real time over different social media websites.

The Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet (That Agency): A two-page listing of important social media basics to keep in mind.

“Social Media Etiquette: 15 do’s and don’ts” (Social Media Today): Here’s a solid list of vital tips to build and maintain a brand by posting via social media portals.

TwentyFeet: Tracks your social media activity over six websites and displays all kinds of helpful data.

Helpful Marketing Blogs

Jim’s Marketing Blog: Regularly updated blog with tons of helpful online marketing tips for small businesses.

The Marketing Blog: Current blog that covers a wide range of business-boosting marketing topics.

Interactive Insights Group Blog: Although it is updated infrequently, there are plenty of powerful marketing articles in IIG’s archives.

Big Ideas Blog: Daily dose of marketing advice for small businesses of all kinds.

Small Surfaces: Informative blog for businesses looking to expand to mobile devices.

HubSpot Blog: The “Inbound Internet Marketing Blog” which covers a wide range of topics including social media, blogging, SEO and other marketing news and tips.

ViperChill: Brilliant listing of SEO and marketing articles with a focus of having your content go viral online.

Helpful Marketing Blogs

ViperChill has the most intimidating letter “C” in logo history.

Inside Facebook: Blog devoted to supplying the latest news about Facebook on a regular basis.

DreamGrow Digital: Frequently updated blog covering an immense range of online marketing topics and themes.

Useful Marketing Tools

Google Adwords: Research and discover the essential keywords needed to set your Storefront higher on Google’s search rankings.

The Open Graph protocol: A reference for developers and web designers. It lists all the meta tags available to label website components in a way that Facebook and other crawlers understand.

Useful Marketing Tools

Metadata Hub for all your graphing needs.

Yahoo! Pipes: Custom content retrieval tool for your website used by filling out and linking Sources together on the Library panel to form “Pipes,” which deliver content in any number of ways, limited by the user’s creativity.

Google Analytics: Google’s free stat tracking program. Easy to personalize and use, utilizes a clear-cut visual style to label your marketing strategy’s strengths and weaknesses.

Internet Marketing Ninjas: Large collection of free SEO and marketing tools, along with a huge array of advertising services the Ninjas provide.

Facebook’s Debugger: Helps to fix some issues when posting to Facebook such as refreshing the cache to make Facebook re-crawl your page and recognizing changes you’ve made.

Mashable: A great source of topic and content ideas. Perform a search for your niche or keywords and you should get plenty of useful results to draw from.

250 Free Stock Photography Websites (Media Militia): A massive listing of websites that offer free stock photography and images that can be used generously for marketing purposes. (Check the usage for each website, just to be careful!)

Who’s Blogging What? : A weekly email newsletter containing the most recent news regarding social media, email and other web marketing information.

Google Alerts: Use this official Google webmaster tool to monitor your brand’s web traffic and user data.

Tools for Apps

ShortStack: Creators of fully customizable Facebook apps for your marketing strategies. Easily integrated to a variety of websites.

Woobox: Creates custom Facebook apps across several social media platforms for your brand’s marketing needs.

While it is important for an online business to throw its weight behind the social media platforms that it chooses to support, these tools, websites and blogs will go a long way to helping you to work smarter, not harder. Just think of what you could do with the time that you will shave by updating all of your social media portals through a single control panel… You could add additional social media websites to your ongoing strategy! Add sharing buttons to your website! Visually tie your brand to your website! As long as you invest that “spare” time back into your marketing, it will be time well spent.

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