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Build Your Storefront with Good Karma

August 30, 2012
Bootic Karma

If you treat Buyers well, Karma will come naturally!

A wise man once said “You reap what you sow” and that couldn’t be a more accurate description of Bootic’s Karma system. Although anyone can easily create their own online Storefront and make sales, the mega-earners will be the ones who are the masters of their Karma. What is Karma in our neutral marketplace, and how does it help Vendors and Sources like you?

What goes around…

Karma is a powerful thing and it comes in two distinct flavors in our fair and neutral marketplace: Good and Bad. Sources and Vendors can have a grand total number of 100 Karma points. If a Storefront owner managed to max out their Bootic Karma, it is proof that they know how to take special care of their customers! Users earn good Karma in a variety of ways including completing transactions, adding products to your Storefront as a Source, building an easily accessible Storefront, and receiving positive feedback from your Buyers. On the other hand, Storefronts have the ability to lose Karma by providing poor customer service, being slow to deliver orders and receiving negative reviews from patrons. Here’s a tip for new Sources and Vendors: positive Karma is fairly easy to accumulate when you get started! You’ll have to go out of your way to hoard a high Bootic Karma score after you’ve established a Storefront, so be sure to treat your customers like royalty.
So being the best Storefront on the internet will net you Karma. Why should you care?

…Comes around!

It’s simple: Bootic’s Marketplace uses a search-centered navigation system for Buyers to locate the best products available. Storefronts with the highest Karma scores will appear much higher in the search results than Storefronts with crummy Karma. Not only is Karma important for standing apart from the competition, but Buyers are more likely to buy a product from a Storefront with 75 Karma points than one with 25. Buyers can instantly note that the Storefront with the higher Karma number has popular items in stock, excellent customer service and a high level of professionalism associated with their online brand. (And if the Buyer decides to go with the 75 Karma Storefront, there is a good chance that they will earn additional Karma!)

Sell unto Others as You Would Like to be Sold To!

Bad Karma

Remember: neglecting Buyers will take a chunk out of your Good Karma…

Our innovative Karma system actively rewards the best Storefront owners with higher visibility and a clear sign to all users that they are ecommerce masters. Don’t overthink Karma: Just be the best Vendors and Sources that you can be, and you will have a massive pile of Bootic Karma before you know it. Essentially, Karma repays users who go over and beyond for their Buyers. We can’t speak for the rest of the world, but we rewarding the nicest, most helpful and talented Storefront owners is the ultimate source of good Karma. Can you dig it?

Owl’s Karma Cheat Sheet

Ways to earn positive Karma:

– Complete a sale. Both Bootic and ecommerce customers everywhere like to note the Storefronts that have made smooth

– Fully complete your profile. Filling out your profile shows that you are a serious salesperson and gives Bootic the information needed to process sales.

– Fill out the “About Us” profile. (***What’s this? I can’t find anything that this could be!)

– Reply to instant messages or emails sent to you from your customers. This is a pat on the back from Bootic for providing good customer service and catering to Buyers.

– Positive product/transaction reviews. If your patrons appreciate their shopping experience and reward you with a nice review, not only will you receive a permanent seal of approval to be seen by all future customers, but you get bonus Karma too! It’s a win-win!

– Link your Storefront to social media portals. We like to reward our Vendors for making good business decisions, and if you’ve been following the Owl’s Nest, then you know how we love social media websites.

Ways to earn negative Karma:

Fair Marketplace

Hey Vendors, just do your best- Karma happens!

– Cancel a transaction. Ick- No one wants to hear that they item that they wanted enough to attempt to purchase will never arrive due to the Vendor. That’s just bad Karma for everyone…

– Negative product/transaction reviews. This has the polar opposite effect of positive reviews, as it doubles as a stain on your Storefront’s reputation, while losing precious Karma.

– Selling too many items from too many Sources. Bootic prefers Vendors who stick to a specialty and those who refrain from junking up their Storefront with every sellable item on the marketplace. After all, you’re much more creative than that!

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  1. Thanks for the Info on Karma, as a new Storefront Vendor, this is great information to have and gives us a great goal to shoot for. Thanks, we are looking forward to helping out Bootic Customers!

    • We are glad you found it helpful. Let us know if there is anything else you would like to see on our blog. We would be glad to help.

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