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Your Social Media Strategy – “How often should I update?”

August 27, 2012
Social Media strategy

Updating with great content needs to be a core part of your social media strategy.

You’ve probably studied, compared and picked out the social media websites that can provide the best interactivity, visibility and community features to learn how to build a social media strategy. Congratulations! You may have a feel for the platform or platforms that you have decided to use as a part of your social media strategies, but at some point the age-old social media question has sprung to mind:

“How often should I update my social media pages?”

It’s a legitimate concern for any online business dedicated to creating a social media portal that is worth the follower or reader’s time. Many are concerned about maintaining an equilibrium of posts: Update too infrequently and people will lose interest, while updating every fifteen minutes and you will feel a disturbance in the Force as legions of former fans click their “Unsubscribe” buttons at once. Although scheduling a posting schedule that lies comfortably between a drizzle and flood of new content, consider the Golden Rule of Updating: Don’t Post Rubbish!

your social media strategy

Updating with great content needs to be a core part of your social media strategy.

Even if you are as punctual as Big Ben, if your content is uninteresting, poorly written or unhelpful to your audience, they will care less and less about your social media portals. If you have to consider whether or not the update is worth posting in the first place, hold off and think it over before uploading it. You can probably do better! Keep a laser-guided focus on content that helps, entertains, enlightens or informs readers with a goal of sharing your magnificent content with everyone they know. It’s that simple! If it’s worth knowing or reading, share it!

When it comes to an actual timeframe, that is up to you to determine. Once you have put an effort into creating killer core content, update your social media platforms to accommodate your audience. By tweeting during the average summer weekday, your priceless gems will probably be buried by the time your working class followers are able to check on their feed, on the other hand, teens and tweens following your cool social media websites will have consumed your content all throughout the day! Experimentation will show you the prime times that your fans are actively using your social media of choice when you receive more replies, retweets and comments. Here’s something to factor into your updating agenda: Online studies have shown that new Facebook postings receive user interaction for an about three hours after it was posted, and that Twitter posts are communication relevant for about 2.8 hours. By the way, there’s no reason to leave your good stuff to gather e-cobwebs- if it’s been a long time since some of your favorite all-star content has been in the spotlight, a little repost update reminder could perk the interest of those who missed out the first time you shared!

Social Media Updates

If you have something this awesome, share it with your fans!

You will learn you’re a balance of social media updating with experience and keeping an eye on your fans. By providing the best resources and content related to your products and brand, your e-groupies will patiently check in on a regular basis for more. One more thing- if you are commonly delivering first-rate content nine out of ten times, it doesn’t hurt to slip some slick advertising in that tenth slot- After all, you’re hunting for customers, too! By fine tuning your posting frequency with consistently high quality content, you will continue to build upon your online brand’s social media strategy.

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