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Five Eelectric Ways to Promote Your Business with Facebook

August 23, 2012

Eelectric ways to promote your business

Eelectric ways to promote your business

Facebook, the current king of social media networking, is an incredibly powerful way for anyone to project thoughts, opinions, news and entertainment to a potentially large group of followers. This same tool is just as easily used for marketing a product as an extension of your online brand. Don’t allow your Facebook portal to devolve into a listing of bland “Now in Stock!” messages, when you can use this important website to raise awareness, support and interest for items sitting on your Storefront. In addition to the many important ways to properly use and maintain a Facebook page linked to an online business as detailed in this previous Facebook themed article, here are five power-driven methods to send your wares into the internet’s limelight via Facebook:

1. Do you know what’s even better than stating which items are currently in stock? Explaining why your readers would need or appreciate them in the first place. The difference is pretty clear once you examine the influence between statements that present and those that sell the reader a product. Here’s a particularly silly example to take into consideration:

“We have NEW electric eels in our Storefront, and they come in brown, green and olive colors! Get them today!”
This message tells the reader that the dangerous fish are available in several hues and to buy them. It’s not informative and it doesn’t sell the products to the reader. A much better way to promote the item in this case would be:

“Our rare Amazonian electric eels can produce around 600 volts of electricity, live in captivity for over 15 years and will be the envy of your friends. Adding an electric eel is sure to brighten your life as a truly exotic super predator and best friend that only the greatest aquarium enthusiasts can provide for. We’ve got a limited supply available, so get yours today!”

This pitch is informative and details why the reader might want an electric eel- It is a rare animal, produces electricity, lives a long time and is a great pet that is best suited for people with more experience maintaining aquatic life than a goldfish bowl. As your sales pitch will be directed at your audience, in this case people who enjoy marine life as pets, you will have to promote the most interesting and beneficial reasons for your readers to buy the products that you promote, rather than simply listing them.

2. Provide the most appealing photos and interesting videos available to show off how great your wares are. If Bootic were to sell electric eels, here is what we would upload alongside the big announcement to showcase one of their many potential uses as a household pet…

Isn’t that something unique, sharable and above all, fun? By uploading a few nice product shots and/or a fascinating video to Facebook, you will be able to demonstrate that your item is as worth buying as you say it is.

'i" is for info

The more information that you provide your customers, the better the chances are that someone will be interested in buying!

3. Everyone on the planet enjoys free stuff, so why not launch a contest based around the product that you are promoting? Your contest doesn’t need a pricey grand prize to be popular, but make it fairly easy to sign up for a chance to win and you are sure to get more attention. While an electric eel would be an expensive present for the winner of your Facebook contest, fans of giant, high-voltage eels would get a kick out of a pdf book detailing eel care, free shipping for a year, or a gift card for your online Storefront.

There are plenty of way that you could frame a contest as well, ranging from picking a fan from all of the followers who opt into the drawing by a preset date, hosting a photo contest for the best use of one of your products, or perhaps you could hold a competition for your followers to create the best commercial video for your online branding. Be creative, show your fans some love and be sure to place the products at the forefront of whatever contest-related promotion you create.

We sure do Like Facebook!

We sure do Like Facebook!

4. Sure, it’s not as engaging or fun as the first three tips, but it doesn’t hurt to remind your followers about the selection of items available on your Storefront once in a while in list form. This is especially helpful if your Storefront sells several types of products, such as sharks, octopi, lobsters and eels. If your main marketing focus for the month happens to be your online shop’s electric eels, posting a list of your available mollusks in between content rich messages about your electric eels reminds your readers that you have other great stuff in your backlog as well.

5. While you are sure to create the majority of the content seen in each Facebook posting yourself, include related links so your followers can easily learn more information about the products that you are actively promoting. Insert at least one link leading readers to the section of your Storefront that sells the item as well as any other resource that is useful to the reader without distracting readers from your website. Make links like these readily available to serve as supplemental content for readers who want to learn more about your products. Even better, add more useful information about your product to your website and post a link to that information. Not that we are planning on adding them to our marketplace anytime soon, but if Bootic were to add the Electric Eel Superstore to our Marketplace, product pages would include educational links to National Geographic and Wikipedia. We would also add much of that information right on the page. On that note, did you know that electric eels can grow over eight feet long, weigh around 44 pounds and surface to breathe air? Thanks to National Geographic, you do now!

Although anyone can use Facebook as a soapbox to endorse individual products, it takes a particularly slick salesperson to do so in a way that keeps readers and followers engaged. Try your hand at using your popular Facebook portal to build interest, direct attention to specific merchandise, and promote your business, and products are sure to take in additional sales. Be creative, put the focus on how fantastic each individual item is, and let your eel-ectric personality shine through for each promotion!

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