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Insta-Share: Why Social Media Button Integration is Important

August 16, 2012
Social Media Button Integration

Social Media Button Integration

While a user could open up a new tab for Twitter to share a particularly helpful article that you wrote, or Pin their favorite products from your online catalog to a separate Pinterest window, why should they have to take that extra effort to do so? Producing excellent content for your online presence is important to give people a reason to care and keeping well-maintained social media extensions for marketing purposes will help to reach a larger audience, but with a few minor changes to your homepage, you will make it extremely easy for your fans to effortlessly share anything hosted on your company website. By providing a simple series of integrated social networking buttons onto your Storefront, all of your impressed followers will have the ability to share their favorite bits of your brand with all of their buddies with only two clicks.

The Importance of Uncomplicated Sharing

Internet surveys have discovered that over 50% of all adult internet users use some form of social media sharing, and with approximately 245 million active internet users in the United States alone, that is an audience well worth catering to! When all it takes to share something that you like with your own followers with a single mouse click, then you are much more likely to do so. By creating a customized listing of trendy buttons designed social media sharing and placing them on your Storefront’s homepage, you will give your fans a tool to share your content via Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google Plus or a range of other websites, in an instant. You will craft this feature with simple html codes and with a simple copy and paste into your website’s own html structure, you will be the proud owner of a nice series of social media buttons.

Circular Social Media Buttons

Circular Social Media Buttons


Pick out your Favorite Services


Be selective with the instant sharing buttons that you decide to place on your website. It might seem impressive to have an army of potential social media selections to choose from to share your branding… However, if people have to scroll past sharing websites that no one has heard of outside Peru to find Twitter, and your target audience is North America, then you are junking up precious website space. Choose the most popular social media websites’ buttons, consider your audience and add what you believe that they are most likely to use and add buttons for the services that you use yourself. Research where your traffic comes from and add sharing buttons associated with the ways readers land on your website. For example, if the majority of your page views come from Google, a Google Plus button is a must-have. It’s a good practice to install Twitter, Facebook and a RSS button, since they are the most popular content sharing services right now. (With over 100 million active users on Twitter and 800 million on Facebook, it would be crazy not to give such a massive audience a way to quickly share you with their buddies!) Try to decide on a number of social media buttons between three and ten for your website.

3D Twitter Button

3D Twitter Button


Let’s Install some Buttons!


Do an extensive online search for buttons that best suits your website’s color scheme, themes and design, or if you are artistically inclined, build them yourself. There are many places to browse for special social media buttons out there in a near-infinite number of styles, but we’ve discovered this amazing resource of button sets at Naldz Graphics. The Yummy Set of buttons looks good enough to eat! If you aren’t picky or it actually works with your website’s visual appearance, most sites have a selection of standard social media button icons to use in a large variety of styles for free. Look for buttons that share a visual flow with the rest of your company’s branding, while remaining clear as crystal as to what each button represents. Save your preferred images and host them along with your other online content.

Locate the button’s URL from the website used to host the image and insert it into one of the many widgets available to hold your social media buttons. Do you cringe at the sight of simple coding? No problem! Here’s the ultimate easy-peasy social media button generator for your Storefront’s blog. You’ll have to select what looks and works best for your website. Would you like a vertical row on the left or right side of your website? How about a solid horizontal line of buttons along the bottom of the page? Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to remind readers to share with a widget at the end of each update you post? Although it’s ultimately up to you where the buttons are oriented, try different placements to learn where users are more likely to click on them. After all, these social media buttons need to be installed on the most visible and clickable area of your website! Insert the associated functional code into the widget, as directed by the social media websites that you have chosen, along with your favorite buttons, and save your changes to test out your awesome new upgrades! Is HTML as foreign a language as Huttese or Ithorese for you? In that case, there are many button-holding widgets available for you to quickly and easily make a social media sharing tool, such as AddThis and ShareThis .

Sharing is Great! (But Would You Hurry Up and Load Already?!)

When a website containing social media buttons loads, each button pulls additional loading time away from its core content, causing the entire page to slowly load on its browser. Always remember, that users hate slower pages. The slower your pages load, the lower your conversion rates and other important metrics will be, but don’t let that discourage you. Many of the social media buttons and social media button widgets have options to make them load later in the page. But just in case they don’t, here is a helpful code to fix this problem. Your readers will thank you later!

Circular Social Media Icons

Circular Social Media Icons


Although accessibility and ease of use should be a high priority for every web developer, if you can make it as simple as breathing for your devotees to share your brand with their own gang of followers, you’re doing something right! Take a look around at some of your favorite websites and after reading this, and maybe you’ll start to notice that the more popular ones contain a highly noticeable social media button or buttons for instant sharing. If giants such as Xbox, Fox News and Dominos Pizza are taking advantage of making it easy as (pizza) pie for their fans to share, what’s keeping you from emulating their success? Now get out there and grab some buttons!


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