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Safe Online Shopping Tips

August 13, 2012

Today we have a few safe online shopping tips for our shoppers in the form of an infographic. Everybody likes an infographic right? Following these tips will help you avoid cyber criminals. The team at Bootic takes a strong stand against cyber crime, so we want to make sure that you are safe regardless of where you shop.

Don’t forget to bookmark Bootic as a reliable shopping site! We make sure our marketplace uses the latest cyber crime deterring technology, so you can shop safely.

Safe Online Shopping Tips Infographic

An infographic by the team at PriceCollate

  1. Wonderful infograph, must know facts about online shopping, I would like to publish it back on my site with your link back.

  2. We are glad you liked it. Feel free to use the graphic. Just make sure to link to this blog and to the guys at Price collate. We hope you will check back for more info

  3. Great Stuff!!! This infograph has been packed with useful safety tips for online shoppers. I’m sure your visitors will discover it very useful. Keep sharing more.

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