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Take it From Us! Stellar Business Blogging Advice from The Owl’s Nest

August 9, 2012

Business Blogging Advice

Business Blogging Advice

While the internet is a constantly changing and evolving creature as far as delivering information is concerned, the common blog has been a consistent content hosting and delivery feature of the World Wide Web since before the Hamster Dance was cool. It is apparent that we at the Bootic Team enjoy blogging, as it is an effective, simple and fun way to provide clear cut, informative and entertaining articles to our fans. The availability of easy-to-use blogging tools allows anyone with an online business to create their own personalized and dedicated information stream to advertise, educate and share with their followers. Did you know that two out of three online marketers say that their company blog is “critical” or “important” to their business? Studies have shown that blogs carry a great deal of weight when it comes to online visibility. Companies that maintain a blog carry 55% more regular visitors than those without one! Although anyone can make a simple blog, not everyone does it correctly. Here is the best business blogging advice from our own experience at The Owl’s Nest to build your blog into the dynamic publicity powerhouse to boost your brand.

Offer Contests
Since you own the blog, you are free to offer whatever contests that you want to. New readers and dedicated fans alike get excited when they have a chance to win something nice from your website, so freely offer and promote contests for freebies once in a while to boost interest in your online presence. Don’t forget to advertise contests through your social media platforms too!

Reply to Commenters
Comments are the ultimate pat on the back! If someone takes the time to move their hand off of the mouse to write you a simple comment on the blog, they care deeply enough to share their thoughts and opinions. Reply to every comment that your posted content receives and make it clear that you are thankful for their input. Every “Thanks for visiting!” can go a long way by making a potential customer’s day.

Subscribe to Likeminded Blogs
Follow and comment on blogs hosted by enthusiastic fans, business partners (Such as the shipping company that you use or the companies that you receive merchandise from) and related companies that your brand identifies with to spread the presence of your company blog.


Ask Questions

Ask Questions
Would you like a free marketing study? Ask questions! Either by directly asking your readership via the content that you publish or by creating a simple poll, you can receive the best feedback from your followers regarding all aspects of your online business by straightforwardly asking them yourself.

Tell Why Your Goods are Grand
Blog about why your goods and services are incredible, and less about the items themselves. It may be easy to copy and paste the back of the box for the ultimate kitchen cooker, but when you passionately rave about how it made the best doughnuts that you’ve ever had while it did the dishes and your taxes, it frames the product in a way that is tough to resist buying for themselves…

Merge Social Media Platforms
Here’s an easy way to boost readership: Link your other social media platforms directly to the blog with highly visible tabs. (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) It puts an emphasis on sharing your content with their friends, families and followers, which keeps your brand in the spotlight.

Merge Your Branding
Since most blogging platforms are so customizable, it would be an absolute shame not to import your company’s signature graphics to the blog. By applying your Storefront’s colors, font, buttons, content, social media links, background and adorable Owl mascot to your blog, you create a visual link so your readers will instantly recognize the blog as an official extension of your branding. We’ve got you covered in all areas of applying color to you branding with our Effectively Use Colors to Direct User Traffic blog post and our Definitive Guide to Website Color Schemes blog post!

Post Regularly
Just as you know the local news will be on at 5pm every day, the NFL will showcase a special televised game every Monday Night and Garfield will do something to an unsuspecting pan of lasagna in the Sunday funnies, you will need to post relevant content to your official blog on a regular basis. A reliable posting schedule, at least once a week, will boost readership over time, as people will continue to come back if they are assured that something new and exciting is waiting for them on those special days!

Use Your Own Domain Name

Use Your Own Domain Name

Use Your Own Domain Name
If you want to look professional, go ahead and register a unique domain name for your company’s blog. Note that we are at and we’re without a common “” URL. Prop your brand up with its own name wherever you can!

Deliver Stellar Updates
Then again, it helps if you post GOOD content! People will save and share content that is amusing, informational and helpful. Regularly lists, guides, news, videos, photos, infographics, articles, cartoons, and other likable content to your blog. If it is something that you would share with a friend or add to your browser’s Favorites, then it is surely good enough for your blog.

Blog for Your Audience
Break out the laser sights and focus on your target audience. It’s not enough to provide good content to your readers, but you need to post items relevant to their interests. If you are selling to readers of certain age, spending and gender demographics, write for them. For example, you wouldn’t showcase a “Top 10 Bacon Recipes” article on a vegan cooking blog, right?

Send Your Readers Home
MAJOR IMPORTANT TIP! Always link back to you storefront and your product pages! The biggest point of making a blog is to rally consumer support for your Storefront, so make it easy as pie for readers to find and click their way to your homepage. If you can, host your blog on your official website to reap the benefits of additional hits on your homepage.

No matter which blogging platform you decide to incorporate into your marketing strategies, remember that it is merely a tool to make your company more accessible for consumers. Have fun with it, make it your own and stick to our business blogging advice to craft the blog into an invaluable part of your online branding. It’s worked wonders for us! 😉

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