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G Plus in a Nutshell: Top Google Plus Tips for Online Businesses

August 3, 2012

Top Google Plus Tips

Top Google Plus Tips

GPlus has been out for a while now, and has been steadily gaining traction with each passing month. However, the majority of online businesses have failed to capitalize on the marketing possibilities and strategies that Google’s social media platform provides. Between Google’s incredibly popular search engine and the over 90 million unique users actively using G Plus, there has never been a better time to create a dedicated profile for your online branding. Here are the best Google Plus tips that are sure to get any GPlus Storefront extension off on the right foot:

  • Keywords are extremely important as to where and how highly your Storefront’s G Plus profile will appear on the Google search engine. Carefully consider which keywords best represent your online brand and insert them throughout GPlus.
  • Comment on other people’s comments, carry on conversations with interested followers and promote nice followers with the +1 tool to make fans feel welcome. Invite people to share their thoughts about your products and services, interact with them and you will be sure to captivate their attention when the time comes to advertise your goodies.
  • Be sure to communicate with fans and followers who care enough to comment or share their own content with your Google Plus profile. Always reply in a timely manner and be helpful whenever possible. You catch more followers with honey, or in this case, being nice.
  • Since you are going to put your time and effort into personalizing GPlus, you will need to provide as much helpful information about your brand as possible. Clearly post what kinds of products you sell, the latest news regarding the business, contact information and most importantly, link your official Storefront to the profile.
  • While you can’t customize G Plus’s appearance to the degree as you can with Twitter or some other social media websites, do what you can to visually standout and to visually link Google Plus to your Storefront’s branding. Upload plenty of photos of your workplace, products for sale and other related, unique imagery, while applying bold, italic and underlines text to match your homepage’s.
  • Offer customer service assistance to help uninformed fans and customers. If anyone has an inquiry about your services or products, answer them as quickly as humanly possible.
  • Google Plus 1

    Google +1 Icon
    Try it out at the bottom of the page

  • You know approximately when to revisit your favorite websites for new content, and your GPlus followers will expect the same sort of treatment. Upload, comment, share and +1 on a regular basis and G Plus will quickly grow into a priceless extension of your business. +1 is essentially Google Plus’s “Like” button; +1 people, their comments and shared goodies and they are likely to +1 you back!
  • Make sure that you branch out onto Google Plus Local so that users in your area will know that they can stop on in. By adding your real-world location to Google Plus Local, you will also receive visibility through Google Maps.
  • Want some quick and easy marketing? Ask your fans what they think. By polling how your followers feel about certain elements of your business, you will receive honest, free and extremely valuable input from the people who appreciate your online business.
  • By fully filling out your profile, you will create an easy to follow directory of information for your fans to browse and learn from, as well as a place to stash additional keywords to boost your SEO rankings.
  • GPlus


  • Share cool content and people will share it in turn! Place all of your informative and entertaining articles, photos and videos on G Plus for people to discover. You never know what the next big thing on the internet will be! (We’re looking at YOU, Poptart Cat…)
  • Curious to see how your content is being shared? Check out Google Plus Ripples by clicking on the dropdown arrow by any of your posts to see where the URL has been publicly shared. Not only that, but the beautiful infographic that appears will also display the power-sharers (Influencers), so you can reach out to them as friends or partners.
  • Mentions and hashtags exist and are used on GPlus in a similar way as other social media platforms. Mark topics and keywords with a # and they will be linked to searches containing that word on Google. Mentioning people directs conversations and gives your profile a human touch. Tagging people and their accomplishments by entering the + symbol before their name expands your profile’s visibility as well.
  • Claim Authorship for the content that isn’t already hosted on G Plus via by linking your articles, guides and other written info to your Google Plus profile. This will give you additional exposure for the other content that you have on other websites, while promoting your activity on GPlus.
  • Make sure that the box under the “Search Visibility” option is checked at the bottom of your profile. This will ensure that your Storefront’s G Plus profile will be indexed on Google and other search engines.
  • While you shouldn’t follow everyone who adds you to one of their Circles, it is a good idea to be selective and follow users and brands that show a genuine interest in, or appreciation for, your online business.
  • G Plus in a Nutshell

    G Plus in a Nutshell

  • Officially link your GPlus profile to your business homepage to help connect your profile with other relevant users and to link the profile to related Google searches. You can easily do this by clicking on your Profile button and then by following the directions given by the “Link Website” section, under the About tab.
  • If you already use other social media websites such as Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook, be sure to let them know about your Google Plus profile. The more people who actively interact with your G Plus account, the higher your SEO rank will be over time.

Even if Google Plus is the new kid on the block, his big daddy of a search engine is a driving force behind the little social media website that could. While there are other, more prevalent ways to expand your brand, none of them will be as influential as GPlus when it comes to climbing the search result ranks. G Plus isn’t a tough nut to crack. Just follow these Google Plus tips, and once you do, your core online business will benefit in the long run.

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