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Now That’s Pinteresting! Tips for Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

July 30, 2012
Pinterest Owl

There’s nothing tacky about these Pins!

Interest in image sharing social media website Pinterest has shot up dramatically and with good reason. Pinterest does a wonderful job of sharing videos and still images with its steadily growing userbase. This visual content centric website provides online Storefront owners with a huge opportunity to promote their products, connect with potential customers and to build upon your brand with dedicated Pinterest marketing. If you have a selection of good product shots in your online catalog, then you are halfway to creating a brilliant Pinterest profile as a useful extension of the Storefront.

Let’s Get Started!

Although we can’t for the life of us figure out why, you need a special invite to join Pinterest, so go ahead and press the big red “Request an Invite” button at the top of the homepage to begin. Once you’ve created the account, pick out your best product shots and make a special “board” (photo gallery) to showcase your photography. Label each board with a definitive and creative title so that users will instantly understand the sort of content pinned to the board, while staying entertaining. Upload these visually interesting “Pins” (images) to the board and tag them with appropriate SEO keywords so that other users will be able to discover them via a relevant search. Perhaps the most important things to remember for each individual Pin are to link them to the individual page on your Storefront that sells the featured product and to mention the sale price with the dollar sign “$” symbol. Although it is tempting to dump all of your favorite Pins onto your board all at once, spacing out your uploads is a much better strategy to keep early fans interested in the long run.

Ladies are never board with Pinterest…

There are plenty of great reasons to take the time to upload a variety of visually stunning Pins to your board. Consider that Pinterest users spend much more time browsing the website in each sitting vs. Google+, Myspace and Twitter. I’ll bet that you didn’t know that approximately 80% of Pinterest users are female, did you? Between the young social media website’s skyrocketing popularity, the fact that users spend a significant amount of time browsing for interesting images and the ability to tie all of this in with your evolving online brand makes Pinterest more than worth your time.

Pinterest Promotion

If you have tagged your Pins properly, then you are sure to get a gradual flow of photo enthusiasts visit your board over time. You can boost interest by linking your Pinterest board to other social media portals connected to your Storefront such as Facebook and Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, Pinterest is similarly structured, as you can direct comments at other users with the “@” symbol and create trending topics with the “#” hashtag. Don’t forget to invite your other followers to check out your pinned product highlights: Pinterest is a unique community that should be used to provide Pinterest-fan exclusive sales offers, contests and polls. You could ask your fans to submit their best Pins related to a certain product with a unique #hashtag while asking other users to pick a winner by liking or repining them. Don’t forget that you can also present targeted polls for specific Pins to pick a winner. For example, you could upload several Pins and ask your users directed questions like “Which is your favorite?” or” Like a Pin to vote!”

There are countless creative ways to utilize your brand’s images to engage fans ranging from informative infographics to step-by-step “How-To’s” with each step detailed with a photograph. Open a separate board to exclusively host your current coupons and deals with creative and fun images for your fans to easily access. Speaking of your online Storefront’s dedicated enthusiasts, why not start a board to showcase their coolest Pins to give them a special spot in the limelight? If you incentivize the creation of positive content from followers, you are sure to receive plenty of fantastic things to Pin to your boards. Whenever you want to drum up support for Pinterest, notify your Twitter and Facebook followers so that they aren’t excluded from your visual marketing promotions. Creative use of your images is especially important when your Pins and board become especially popular!

Peddle Popular Paraphernalia with Pinterest

While Pinterest is an excellent tool to give your Storefront additional links and the attention of a new audience, your boards can serve as a new mini-marketplace to sell items too. By labeling your product shots with their individual dollar prices, a note will appear beside the pin to show everyone that the item is not only good looking, but for sale as well. Another important feature that you will take advantage of when you add a dollar sign is that your product Pins will automatically appear under the “Gifts” tab at the top of the Pinterest homepage. For instance, this photo print of a pair of zebras will appear randomly in the “$50 – 100” section range of Pinterest’s Gifts section. The more content that you Pin with a price tag, the greater the chances are that someone will locate your Storefront’s board.

Zebra's Secret

Zebra’s Secret @ #Pinterest

Always link the image to the matching sales area of your Storefront so admirers have the opportunity to make a splurge purchase. Fill in the description area under each Pin with interesting product information to add a personal/artistic touch, while providing a sly sales pitch. Include selling points about the pinned item, such as “Handmade in India,” “100% Organic” or some fun info about the brand that produced the item in the first place to give the image additional significance. Be sure to include important SEO keywords in the narrative so more people will discover your photography in the first place! In summary, you defeat the purpose of bringing your Storefront’s catalog onto Pinterest if you don’t merge your board with the core Storefront that it represents.

Take a Picture- It’ll Last Longer on Pinterest! (And Raise Sales, Too!)

Remember, as fun as it will be to talk to visual-minded users about the teal braided yak fur rug from Sumatra that you are aiming to sell, you need an outstanding photo of it first. Take the time to reshoot the items that you want to promote on Pinterest if they don’t stand up to par with the other talented photographers inhabiting the site. You’ve got to do your best to upload the nicest product photographs that you can manage to get noticed, as the entire purpose of investing your time in Pinterest is to provide the most visually interesting and likable pictures as possible.We’re sure that your goods will be the perfect models, right dah-ling? Use your noodle to make special Pins of your products by setting them in visually interesting places, playing with subject’s lighting and trying creative new ways to frame your items. For a creative and interesting twist, try matching your subject matter with something unexpected in a “Bull in a China Shop” sort of way; like shooting high-end scuba gear in a parched desert or urban cityscape setting. Here’s the perfect example for you shutterbugs:

A Teddy Bear

A nice Teddy vs…
Source: Pinterest

Sure, this teddy bear is cute and may attract some attention by standing out from its clean, sterile environment and this would be perfect for a standard catalog, but…

Two Bears

…A Truly Awesome Teddy Bear and its Friend!
Source: Pinterest

This duo of bears are the life of any board! This Pin is cute, funny and share-worthy! Can you make your products looks as cool as the plush toy and his furry friend?

Perfect Pinterest

If your online brand is noted for its creativity, fun, a social community of fans as well as appreciation of photography and other artwork, then Pinterest should be an important way to expand your online presence. If you are dedicated to your Pinterest marketing strategies, not only will people with a curiosity for your products and brand freely share their favorites from your collection of Pinned images, but you will receive important marketing feedback about which products, images and other elements of your Storefront are popular. Pinterest works just like any other great website: You provide top-notch content and appreciative people will go out of their way to reward you for it. Break out the camera, set up the board, reach out to the crowd and start Pinning! . . . and don’t forget to follow Bootic on Pinterest!

Share your Pinterest marketing tips and tricks in the comments below!

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