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7 Facebook Tips: Marketing on Facebook

July 20, 2012

Facebook tips Owl

Marketing on Facebook Tips

With over 901 million unique users around the world using Facebook, (That’s three time the population of the United States!), creating a dedicated portal on this social media superpower is a surefire method to be noticed by someone out there on the World Wide Web. Like other websites devoted to connecting people, ideas and businesses, you will have to go the extra virtual mile to hold the attention of your user base. We’ve assembled the best advice that will give any ecommerce merchant a surefire way to stay afloat, gain notice and to stand apart in a massive ocean of other Facebook enthusiasts. We hope you Like it!

Finding Facebook Fame

Getting people to like your Facebook page takes some effort. Although the marketing party doesn’t truly start until that one person from your hoard of followers likes and shares your Facebook page with their legion of friends, there are many ways to persuade that special follower share your social media hub. Humanity loves free stuff, so why not offer a contest to your potential fans for a free item or credit for your Storefront as the prize for a Facebook-centered contest? If you are really serious about using Facebook as your advertising hub, consider buying ad space on related sections of Facebook and creating informative newsletters for your subscribers to keep them interested in the business. Post entertaining content on your wall, ranging from a listing of upcoming and new items in stock, interesting trivia about your Storefront and interactive polls that ask questions about your Storefront or products (Learning more about your audience is always a good thing!) to earn the appreciation of your followers. When you put on a good show, people will want to let their friends in on the fun too!

Reach out to and start conversations with users with similar interests (as related to your business) to fish for fans and new marketing allies. Incentivize being liked or shared via Facebook by providing rewards such as exclusive coupons for your Storefront, free shipping, a desktop background, or anything else that rewards users for showing other people your brand’s online presence. Link your Storefront’s Facebook account to everything you do online to leave plenty of threads leading back to the website. Even the most direct approach can be effective, so don’t feel bad about asking your fans to share your hard work with other users. Internet users understand that they are blessed with free content from a massive variety of sources and many of those people enjoy helping out their favorite content providers by spreading the word around.

Bring the Brand Together

As with any customizable social media platform associated with your ecommerce business, do everything that you can to visually connect your Facebook page with your homepage. If there are applicable places to insert your logo, images of your products and theme colors on your Facebook portal, go for it! You know that you’ve correctly merged the branding when anyone can instantly tell that the Facebook profile is associated with your business without reading a single word.

First impressions are everything, so make it count! Your cover photo and profile picture are the “face” of your business as far as Facebook is concerned, so use high resolution images that instantaneously identify your brand and what services you provide. For example, Bootic’s Facebook homepage proudly displays our adorable Owl as our profile picture and a clear message about our devotion to online merchants like you marks the cover photo. Not only are our images unique to Bootic’s branding, they also plainly convey our mission: To help out ecommerce merchants like you!

FB + Storefront Information = Your Storefront’s Welcome Sign

While Facebook serves as an excellent communication and advertising tool, you should also consider it as a personal encyclopedia page about your business. From the Storefront’s Facebook hub, those who “Like” your online Storefront should be able to easily find your store’s URL, Twitter feed, contact information, what your store specializes in and other token information. Curious customers are much more likely to visit your websites and purchase your goods if you provide as much public information about your online business as possible, so they will clearly understand what you’re all about. It may be important to get your fans to spread the word, but if they can’t find vital details such as contact info or what your store is all about, then the entire Facebook venture is an automatic bust!

Tie in Twitter (and other social media websites too!)

If you’ve got other social media portals that you update regularly, it never hurts to link them to your online shop’s Facebook page. This way, your Facebook followers can keep tabs on what you promote via Twitter, if only for their convenience and the subtle hint for them to follow you on Twitter too. It’s cross-promotion at its best! Just be sure to update with different messages on each social media site. Why should people bother following multiple websites if you are saying the exact same thing on each of them? Then again, if you are planning to use Facebook as your primary social media site, it is much better to place your focus on mastering one great social media page vs. juggling three or four subpar ones.

BREAKING NEWS- Interesting Updates Hold Interest!

Facebook Share

Post Interesting Content

Entertain your followers and keep a consistent personality about your posts, but deliver stuff that fans will look forward to. If you provide the basic information about the latest happenings with all of the hype of a mindless robot, some users might assume that you ARE one! Have fun, let your personality shine through and garnish each update with an attitude which represents your Storefront. As long as the information is important, helpful and worth reading for potential customers while infusing some wit, people will keep coming back to your Facebook page for more! Your latest sales, news and offers don’t have to be exclusive to Facebook, but reposting the news to Facebook is essential. This is especially true for subscribers who expect to see the latest information from your Storefront’s Facebook page on their wall. Hosting exciting content ranging from interviews, trivia, polls, tutorials, games, and relevant photos will play a HUGE part in not only getting, but keeping fans and customers. This type of engaging content will keep people engaged and coming back to your page.

Discovering Your Updating Median

If you want to stay in the limelight on Facebook, post interesting, helpful and informative content to your wall on a regular basis. Although updating too infrequently will result in a lack of interest for your goods and services via the Facebook portal, (as well as electronic cobwebs), it is preferred over flooding your followers with a deluge of obnoxious and shameless advertising posts. Update at approximately the same time and days each week to build up a sense of consistency and reliability for your fans, so they will look forward to what you have to say.

Connect with Your Storefront’s Fanbase

If you bought lunch from a street vendor’s cart, enjoyed your meal and went out of your way to thank the chef afterward, only to be completely ignored, wouldn’t that cast a shroud of disappointment over the best hotdog you’ve ever eaten? Do your fans a solid by answering any and all comments directed your way. Whether its praise, an inquiry or even negative whining, do your best to provide a sunny attitude to represent your online shop. After all, everyone on the internet responds well to kind words and smiles, right? 😀


Facebook like owl

Connect Bootic and Facebook

Connect Bootic and Facebook Together
You can’t forget to link your Bootic Storefront to Facebook! By connecting Bootic to your established Facebook profile, you will have direct control over what products your friends, family and followers see, while providing a tool to easily share your Storefront with the other 900,999,999 members of Facebook. By rolling these two established websites together into one, you’ve got a recipe for a high level of exposure and a higher potential for increased sales.

Now Get Out There & Make Some New Friends!

These tips are sure to set you on the right path to creating and maintaining a top-notch Facebook page that will do your online Storefront justice. You’ll never know who may stumble upon and Like your Facebook portal- Will it be a celebrity with over one million followers? A popular website critic with an encouraging review for your Storefront? Bigfoot? Ok, probably not Bigfoot, but the chances of receiving a high level of exposure for your online enterprise are much higher if you take the initiative to build a quality Facebook portal.

Tell us your Facebook marketing tips and best practices in the comments below!

  1. Bill permalink

    Really good inputs here!

    I particularly agree on the “update with different messages on each social media site”.
    Each platform is different, the way we use it, the environment, the friends/connections/followers we have… So customize your posts for each media.

    As said here, keep a consistent personality about your posts and keywords, that’s the best way to appear in the suggestion pages sidebar (“Pages you may like”) and to grow your community efficiently with engaged people.
    Unfortunately when it happens it doesn’t last long but it’s a good boost!

    • Thanks for the Kudos!

      You are right. Being consistent is important, but in my opinion, the best piece of advice is to engage people. Engaging people is what will ultimately grow your brand.

      Thanks for the comment.

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