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Five Twitter Tips to Market Your Store

July 12, 2012

Twitter Tips Owl

Twitter Tips

How do you drum up sales for an online Storefront with only 140 characters? Read on, and I’ll give you all of the best Twitter tips! #BooticBlog

Twitter in a 140 Character Nutshell

Undoubtedly you’ve heard something about this social media powerhouse and that millions of unique users frequent their micro blogs several times daily… But what is Twitter and how can it benefit your ecommerce website? Twitter is a deceptively simple, yet difficult to master social media website that shares user content with anyone who decides to keep tabs on you. The beauty of Twitter is how you manage each Tweet, since each of these postings is limited to a mere 140 characters. It’s up to you to post as much enticing, informative and relevant information about your online business per tweet as you can, while convincing people that you are interesting enough to willingly hear from on a regular basis. Since Twitter has such a large user base and is so simple to operate, it is essential to learn how to effectively wield your Twitter account to build your brand, sales and reputation. Try out this trusty guide of Twitter tips to hoard a ton of committed fans, and don’t forget to follow us at @TheBooticOwl, we always follow our fans in return!

How to Use Twitter to Your Advantage…

There are so many opportunities to get the word out to people who may genuinely care about your online business, but you need to communicate in a way that will catch and hold their attentions. Think about the sort of information that you would like to receive from your favorite business: Latest major updates to their website, exclusive deals and sales, shout-outs to the newest products added to the shop and other exciting bits of news are always excellent golden nuggets to share with your followers. Tweet regularly, at certain times of the day or several times a week to give followers a sense of reliability. If one of your enthusiastic followers asks you a question or leaves a comment, go out of your way to provide the most helpful and engaging reply possible. Treat your company’s Twitter account at least partly as a direct customer service line, so that if a customer or fan has a question, you will be able to quickly satisfy their needs while showing the rest of your followers that you care. After all, using Twitter as a marketing tool helps to put an additional human touch to your brand, so let your individuality shine through and have fun communicating with your fans!

…And How to Waste Your Valuable Twitter Time

It sounds silly, but no one cares about the club sandwich that you ate at the deli down the street. (Unless it was shaped like New Zealand, full of tasty flamingo meat or something genuinely interesting!) You should have fun tweeting to your followers, but focus on the more important bits of information that you want them to know. Do you get that one annoying email or junk mail from that company that you’ll never use in your mail over and over? Your fans will quickly leave your Twitter feed if you post the same thing repeatedly, so don’t post like a machine! The opposite is just as important, as you shouldn’t wait too long between tweets. Experiment with the frequency of posting good, relevant content so that you don’t annoy followers with too much content or take the risk of being forgotten by posting too infrequently. Once you start to get the hang of posting the right balance of promotional material and dialogue, you will get even more people to follow you. If a real, talkative and enthused user follows you, follow them back. Naturally, you aren’t going to follow the inevitable Twitter spam-bots who will follow you, but if anyone gives an interest in you and your business, be that cool brand and follow in return. In summary, if someone thinks that you are worth hearing from whenever you have something to say, don’t leave them hanging.

Above all, do NOT attempt to use Twitter like a carny placed outside of the big top by yelling how you should buy into your store’s wares. If someone is truly interested in seeing what you have to say on behalf of your website, it is sure to be a disappointment if the past 37 tweets are variants of:


If you are the proud owner of Soap Depot and you want to spread the word about your delightful soapy goods, be sure to supplement advertising with dialogue with your fans, links to interesting information, special sales for your Twitter followers and articles that are informative or entertaining. There is a reason that documentaries about dinosaurs aren’t merely lengthy tapes that showcase boring paleontologists droning on about extinct lizards to educate people- Good filmmakers always insert some cool CG dinosaur fights to keep viewers interested and hooked!

Unify Twitter as an Extension of your Branding

As we’ve mentioned in detail, branding is extremely important to ensure that users visually identify with your online venture. Build a customized background for your Twitter homepage to show off your company’s logo, colors and important details such as an easily readable website address and contact information. Bringing over your website’s color scheme onto Twitter is a breeze and it reinforces Twitter as an extension of your ecommerce hub. Be sure to include a clear image for your Profile Picture so that anyone following you can instantly pick you out from their crowded Twitter feed. Remember, Twitter is as customizable as it is easy to master, so there is no excuse not to have an account that appears as it was cut from the same cloth as your Storefront.

Visit my Storefront! Click HERE for #GreatDeals!

Sure, getting people to chat and share with you is nice, but how can you direct this new community to your Storefront? Tweet partial information and special deals to your Twitter army in a creative way that ensures that they follow your link. Here are a few examples to draw inspiration from:

“Five new models have just been added to the Storefront- (Link) Is your favorite color one of the latest in the collection?”

“Special deal for our Twitter fans! Use the coupon code “Funky Monkey” for 15% off your entire order. Go ape while you still can…”

“We’ve just updated our Storefront’s homepage with Twitter buttons- It’s easier than ever to share your favorite goodies with your followers!”

Although it isn’t vital, consider playing around with hash tags. When a word is tweeted with a hash tag, (#OnlineCoupon, #BigSale, #Stegosaurus), you can click directly on the word to see what other users are saying about the hash tagged word. Try it out a few times, as you’ll never know what the next popular #Thing might be!

Give a Hoot about Tweeting!
Let’s get started! Before you even think about sending out your first tweet, here are a few important tips to set up Twitter:

  • Register a username that ties in as closely to your business as possible, if not your business’s name itself.
  • Insert a nice background and profile image that visually ties in to your other branding.
  • Follow individual people and brands affiliated with your ecommerce business. If you own a Storefront that exclusively sells art prints of endangered species, following and starting conversations with established conservation juggernauts such as the “Association of Zoos & Aquariums,” “World Wildlife Fund” and “Bird Life” groups will help to give your account exposure.
  • Compile a list of the most important things that your audience should know and break each piece of info to its bare essentials. Don’t forget to think up some entertaining, helpful and conversational tweets too!
  • Create a consistent tweeting schedule to keep your fans interested, but not overwhelmed with your messages.

As far as easy, effective and free advertising goes, you can’t get much better than Twitter’s platform. Once you discover the right balance of tweet frequency, content and a theme to visually tie in with your Storefront, you will gather dedicated followers, online recognition and increased sales. See you on #Twitter, everyone!

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