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IRCE Recap!

July 5, 2012
Owl See You in Chicago!

Check out our IRCE booth- Talk about fancy!

Now that everyone’s back and settled in our Californian nest HQ, our team is happy to announce that our first appearance at IRCE was a complete success! We had the privilege of meeting a range of incredible people and taking in the sights, while personally introduced the internet’s favorite Owl to the Windy City. In case you’ve forgotten, IRCE stands for Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition, and Bootic hosted one of the nearly 600 booths full of talented and enthusiastic people who represented internet-centered companies from all over the United States. It was tough, but we did our best not to overshadow and outperform other ecommerce juggernauts such as PayPal, Adobe Systems and Demand Media Studios.

Who doesn't love Owls?

People couldn’t get enough of our Owl tote bags- They were everywhere you looked!

Situated between Terapeak and some little delivery company that you may have heard of called UPS, we had some great neighbors at the event. It was so much fun to listen in on and learn a bit from a few of the high profile guest speakers between handing out our fancy Bootic shopping bags. Everyone was impressed by the helpful tips and advice from William Lynch, Jr. (CEO of Barnes & Noble), Geoff Smalling (Internet Marketing Manager of and the other wonderful speakers at IRCE.  We wish you were there to see it all! It was an absolute blast to see so see both newcomers and online veterans alike fascinated with our business model, list of current Sources and adorable Owl mascot.

Chicago… Come for the awesome internet conferences, stay a while to gawk at the beautiful skyscrapers!

When we weren’t making new friends and hamming it up at IRCE, we couldn’t help but to explore Chicago for ourselves. I’ll be the first to tell you that the travel guides aren’t over exaggerating the incredible skylines, beautiful architecture and delicious deep-dish pizza! Although it is a shame that no one from Team Bootic won the raffle for the car or iPad, our Chicago adventure was well worth the flight and everyone’s pumped to go back in 2013. See you next year, IRCE!

Genuine Chicago pizza!

We would feel bad about not sharing the deepest dish pizza that we’ve ever seenwith you,but after all of the cute tote bags that we gave away at IRCE, we deserved a treat!

Stay positive, put on a good show and above all: Have fun!

-The Bootic Team

Enjoying the busy city!

Bootic Big-Shots Arnold, Roberto, Eric and Gavin enjoying Chicago’s many marvels. (Thanks for the impressive photography, Barbara!)

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