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Social Media Campaigns and your online Storefront

April 17, 2012

So you’ve decked out a special online Storefront with your personal branding, listed your products and posted stunning photos of your items onto the catalog, but the best way to ensure that people will come to your online business is by starting a social media campaign through multiple fronts to attract people from all corners of the internet.

Nothing is better for spreading news around the internet than popular social media outlets. Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks provide free and efficient marketing to raise awareness of your spot in the global marketplace. (Note that there are many integrated opportunities to share your Storefront on Bootic via Twitter, Facebook and Google+!) Research these examples and test them out for yourself to get the attention you and your online store deserve:

A great way to get people’s attention is by following relevant users, participating in active discussions and keeping your own followers up to date with the latest news from your Storefront. You’ll have a huge flock of followers who are hanging onto every word you type before you know it!

As a photo sharing website that mimics a pinboard that is used to upload brilliant images to the Pinterest community, there is always something interesting to see here. Pin visually interesting images of your products with a link leading back to your Storefront onto the global community’s pinboard and they will be observed by an immense audience who are curious to find out where the pretty pictures came from…

This popular social media outlet features over 750 million unique users, so there is no shortage of people to connect with who may share a vested interest in your stock. “Like” groups, clubs and individuals who would appreciate your Storefront and become an active poster to lure in new customers.


You’ve taken incredible product shots of your wares, so why not share them with others who appreciate photography on Flickr? Tag each image and comment on some of your favorite photographers to attract attention to your online market.

This relative newcomer to the social media scene is an excellent tool for cataloging and keeping tabs with customers. By placing your buyers into different categories or “Circles,” you will build a tidy list of patrons to thank for their business and to advertise to with relevant promotions.

A well-kept and updated blog is an excellent way to earn and keep fans. By posting relevant content on a regular basis, you will slowly and surely build a fanbase. Just be sure to feature at least one link leading back to your Storefront!

Everyone enjoys funny, witty, clever and visually stimulating internet videos; we have all shared “That awesome video” with friends and family just to watch them smile. If you are able to film a genuinely creative video, not only will people freely spread the word about your original YouTube film, but word of your Storefront will spread like wildfire too.

Stay positive, think creatively and above all: Have fun with your extensive social media campaigns!

-The Bootic Owl

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